Why an electronic dart board is better than a conventional one

Last Christmas, my wife got me an electronic dartboard and I have to say, it was the best gift ever. I wasn’t much of a player before that, but every now and then I did get together with the guys for a game night, and poked holes into my old, cork dartboard. The problem with that dart board was that eventually, someone would start to see less clearly and begin throw the darts at my walls, and even at my furniture. I’m not sure, but that might have been the sole motivation of my wife’s purchase.



In any case, having an electronic dart board not only saved me from that problem, but it kind of relit our passion for the game. If you don’t know how this electronic thing works, let me try and describe it for you. First of all, you should know it’s not made of the usual materials, but out of a plastic that has hundreds of tiny holes. When you throw the dart, the tip enters one of these holes, reaching a sensor of some type, that indicates the internal computer of your hit. The computer will then calculate your score and you will see it on the display.

1Some of my friends protested at first, saying they didn’t feel they were playing darts anymore, but as soon as they realized the score was now calculated more accurately and remained untampered with throughout the entire game, they became more and more satisfied. And that’s not all. This model can keep score for about 10 different variations, so there’s really no occasion for us to get bored.

Aside from how easy playing has become for me, I would warmly recommend replacing the conventional dart board with an electronic one to anyone who has children. This type of board comes with darts that have a soft plastic tip that cannot even sting, not to mention stab someone. I think this is a safety measure worth considering, especially if your little ones have the habit of running around the game room.


I also think there is a clear difference in durability. While the regular board suffers constantly from being hit by rough metal, the electronic board is treated much kindly by the soft tips. By the time I replaced it, my old dart board was partially discolored, and there were certain spots where you could clearly see the points where the darts had entered repeatedly. I just don’t see that happening with an electronic dart board.