Playing darts online is now possible thanks to this dartboard


From the concept of making darts an international pastime that can be enjoyed by everyone the world over comes an advanced product that lets you enjoy your favorite darts game without putting your tablet away. The electronic dartboard actually utilizes your tablet by making it your personal scoreboard.

The digital dartboard pairs with devices operating on Android OS and/or iOS. It offers both online and local tracking of your scores while pitting you against someone else who also owns the electronic dartboard.

You can play against anyone online anytime and anywhere in the comfort of your own home. The dartboard syncs seamlessly to your smart device via WiFi. You might even find some models with a built-in wide-angle camera to allow you to see your opponent wherever they may be.

A high-quality digital dartboard is typically constructed of a premium nylon polymer with pre-installed soft pads at the back. The dartboard will generate a virtually inaudible noise during play, making it a great addition to any living space.

You enjoy maximum durability in a digital dartboard. LED lights make the game really exciting. There are multiple game modes coupled with advanced settings to suit every player’s needs. The game modes let you actually play locally with multiple players. They also let you play someone else in another location in the world.

The darts that come with an electronic dartboard are actually not sharp. They are plastic-tipped projectiles. It is advisable to get extra tips to accommodate aggressive players who might break the tips, which screw in and out. The darts are weighted for easy handling.

The dartboard itself comes with a distinctive, magnetic faceplate. On Amazon, you can purchase different color faceplates to suit your preference. The faceplate covers a large motherboard. The dartboard app works with KitKat and up, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as the iOS 7 and up. It keeps the score for you. The app makes exciting sound effects you can hear on your tablet.

The dartboard operates on AA batteries. You also have the option to plug the unit in using the supplied universal plug for American socket types and pretty much any electric socket around the world. The unit ships with a measuring tape that helps in mounting the board. The supplied sticker pad is a cool item that conveniently indicates on the floor where you stand back.

The instruction chart comes with cool markings. You can measure up the mounting on the wall using the markings on the chart. You can install the mounting screws using the markings as a guide and then simply rip the chart off, and you are good to go.

The LED lights can be controlled when they are flicked on using the switch found on the side of the board. The digital dartboard accommodates multiple players up to four of your friends. It allows you to make new friends as well as call for a rematch according to your preference. Your game statistics get stored online for a ranking on the global league table. Many models come with nicely designed and conveniently downloadable animation.

The intuitive and nicely engineered interface provides an awesome playing experience like no other. You can enjoy limitless playing possibilities regardless of your playing skill level. The interface comes with a real-time texting function for convenient interaction with your opponents anytime.

The dartboard lights up to show you where you need to shoot so you can see your target.