Playing darts online is now possible thanks to this dartboard


From the concept of making darts an international pastime that can be enjoyed by everyone the world over comes an advanced product that lets you enjoy your favorite darts game without putting your tablet away. The electronic dartboard actually utilizes your tablet by making it your personal scoreboard.

The digital dartboard pairs with devices operating on Android OS and/or iOS. It offers both online and local tracking of your scores while pitting you against someone else who also owns the electronic dartboard.

You can play against anyone online anytime and anywhere in the comfort of your own home. The dartboard syncs seamlessly to your smart device via WiFi. You might even find some models with a built-in wide-angle camera to allow you to see your opponent wherever they may be.

A high-quality digital dartboard is typically constructed of a premium nylon polymer with pre-installed soft pads at the back. The dartboard will generate a virtually inaudible noise during play, making it a great addition to any living space.

You enjoy maximum durability in a digital dartboard. LED lights make the game really exciting. There are multiple game modes coupled with advanced settings to suit every player’s needs. The game modes let you actually play locally with multiple players. They also let you play someone else in another location in the world.

The darts that come with an electronic dartboard are actually not sharp. They are plastic-tipped projectiles. It is advisable to get extra tips to accommodate aggressive players who might break the tips, which screw in and out. The darts are weighted for easy handling.

The dartboard itself comes with a distinctive, magnetic faceplate. On Amazon, you can purchase different color faceplates to suit your preference. The faceplate covers a large motherboard. The dartboard app works with KitKat and up, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as the iOS 7 and up. It keeps the score for you. The app makes exciting sound effects you can hear on your tablet.

The dartboard operates on AA batteries. You also have the option to plug the unit in using the supplied universal plug for American socket types and pretty much any electric socket around the world. The unit ships with a measuring tape that helps in mounting the board. The supplied sticker pad is a cool item that conveniently indicates on the floor where you stand back.

The instruction chart comes with cool markings. You can measure up the mounting on the wall using the markings on the chart. You can install the mounting screws using the markings as a guide and then simply rip the chart off, and you are good to go.

The LED lights can be controlled when they are flicked on using the switch found on the side of the board. The digital dartboard accommodates multiple players up to four of your friends. It allows you to make new friends as well as call for a rematch according to your preference. Your game statistics get stored online for a ranking on the global league table. Many models come with nicely designed and conveniently downloadable animation.

The intuitive and nicely engineered interface provides an awesome playing experience like no other. You can enjoy limitless playing possibilities regardless of your playing skill level. The interface comes with a real-time texting function for convenient interaction with your opponents anytime.

The dartboard lights up to show you where you need to shoot so you can see your target.

How to organize the perfect housewarming party



Housewarming parties are an excellent way of celebrating a new home, a new environment and a new life, so it would be great if you’d organize it as well as possible.

Anyway, you don’t want the hectic of moving in to be augmented by the party. You might not feel in the mood for a celebration just yet, but it turns out most people aren’t. They usually get the necessary impulse for unpacking everything because they have to make preparations for the party. However, by the end of it, you’ll be glad you had it.

The first piece of advice: don’t worry, don’t panic and don’t rush. Make a plan and try to stick to it. Try to figure out who should be on the list and see how many they are. Pick a date and time.

Decide on the type of party you want. A fancy party in a villa is great, but not so much in a small apartment. Also, if you want people to come for an afternoon party, expect them to come and go. A dinner party would probably be more formal and you would have to accommodate all of you guests at the same time.

Deciding on a formal or less formal party will prove important when sending out the invitations. The warmer the housewarming party, the easier it is to make the invitations, as you could craft some yourself and add a funny note to them. Don’t forget to mention the time and date, you’re the only ones who know about them.

The fresh look a new home usually has is enough to make most guests feel alright, but having decorations would be excellent. Flower bouquets and some balloons, garlands or candles for the table make a light and joyful impression, especially for the ladies.

But you can also decide for a theme to make it look even more special. One of my favorites is a stock-the-bar theme when guests have to bring their choice of drinks to fill up your bar. That should kick-start the party.

Don’t forget to give your guests a tour of the house, they’re most curious about it and would love to see how you settled in.

Make sure you know what sort of food and beverage your friends and family prefer, you don’t want to disappoint them. At the same time, try to keep it simple (Swedish buffet is my top choice), or you’ll make it difficult to handle; you don’t want to leave your guests unattended because you’re busy in the kitchen.

And think of giving out some cookie baskets as a thank you. You could even choose your local favorite, but sweet treats always hit the target.

You’ll probably receive some presents too, so it would be nice to give your invitees a hint on that before they bring expensive and/or redundant things.



Why an electronic dart board is better than a conventional one

Last Christmas, my wife got me an electronic dartboard and I have to say, it was the best gift ever. I wasn’t much of a player before that, but every now and then I did get together with the guys for a game night, and poked holes into my old, cork dartboard. The problem with that dart board was that eventually, someone would start to see less clearly and begin throw the darts at my walls, and even at my furniture. I’m not sure, but that might have been the sole motivation of my wife’s purchase.



In any case, having an electronic dart board not only saved me from that problem, but it kind of relit our passion for the game. If you don’t know how this electronic thing works, let me try and describe it for you. First of all, you should know it’s not made of the usual materials, but out of a plastic that has hundreds of tiny holes. When you throw the dart, the tip enters one of these holes, reaching a sensor of some type, that indicates the internal computer of your hit. The computer will then calculate your score and you will see it on the display.

1Some of my friends protested at first, saying they didn’t feel they were playing darts anymore, but as soon as they realized the score was now calculated more accurately and remained untampered with throughout the entire game, they became more and more satisfied. And that’s not all. This model can keep score for about 10 different variations, so there’s really no occasion for us to get bored.

Aside from how easy playing has become for me, I would warmly recommend replacing the conventional dart board with an electronic one to anyone who has children. This type of board comes with darts that have a soft plastic tip that cannot even sting, not to mention stab someone. I think this is a safety measure worth considering, especially if your little ones have the habit of running around the game room.


I also think there is a clear difference in durability. While the regular board suffers constantly from being hit by rough metal, the electronic board is treated much kindly by the soft tips. By the time I replaced it, my old dart board was partially discolored, and there were certain spots where you could clearly see the points where the darts had entered repeatedly. I just don’t see that happening with an electronic dart board.